Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prop Magic in Pigg!

Today in Ameba pigg, I had 27 props i looked back on the screen and everyone was shining literally! Even me! Everyone was getting propped twice the amount or so it seemed. My props went to 44 when i looked back on the screen! I have never seen something like this ever before and never in Pico.
I checked my props and this is what I saw!
I though I should share this with you guys on our blog to see what others may think about cheats like this, But what if this cheat happened to you? Would you feel glad that now your props has doubled and you don't have to so anymore hard earning that day or would you be mad?This guy propped me 16 times.
We all benefited from this cheat that we didn't know that was going to happen at all because the room had been silent for at least 30 minutes straight with no talking.

Have a good Ameba pigg life!
-Kat grenade(pigg id)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have an Ameba pigg?

Hi Guys, It's Kat and I recently joined Ameba pigg. I am really new at everything in pigg but I do know how to add people. If you want to be my Pigg friend add me at:Kat grenade . My profile should look like this:
Kat grenade
******************************* IF YOU WANT TO ADD ME PLS SEND THE WORD "FAN" or "fan" WHEN YOU ADD ME OR ELSE I WILL DECLINE IT THINKING YOU ARE JUST A CREEPER GOING AROUND ADDING RANDOMS************************************************************

Friday, December 21, 2012

guess what we're alive and I'm bored?

You should get on your tumblr and send Kat(Nicole) Anons like anything! She'll answer you!
That's my tumblr follow me and send me anons, questions anytime you need to talk you can talk to me through tumblr.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ameba Pico Has A ReOpening?

    I decided to go on Pico today, just for one last look before Pico closes (tomorrow).  I was only on for about 10 minutes when I already heard rumors about Ameba Pico reopening on February 13, 2013.

    I was unsure of whether this was true or not, so I went to Ameba Pico's Facebook wall and a few other people mentioned the reopening as well.

    If this is true, that would be amazing.  However, I have a feeling that this was only a rumor, just to get people's hopes up.  It wouldn't be right for CyberAgent to tell everyone they're shutting down, but then opening up again.

    I just saw Kat's video of all her buddies and I noticed that we had a lot of similar friends.  It reminded me of all the memories I've shared with my Pico buddies.  I also want to make a video of all my buddies.  Not through the buddy list, but through photos I have taken and saved.  So I'll be posting that video later on this week.

    Enjoy your last day of Pico everybody.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Come meet Kat Grenade in Ep1 right now at 8pm Eastern coast time right now 12/15/12

I'll be next to Loofah's pole! Come chat with me
Need help looking for Kat?
Here is her id:™ кαт gяєηα∂є
Search her id then click the follow button have fun chatting to Kat

Monday, December 10, 2012

I DON'T OWN ANY MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The buddie list video(Kat's buddies)
Kat's The buddies list video

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


    My friend introduced me to a new game a few weeks ago.  Since Ameba Pico is shutting down soon, and is too laggy to play, we found a new game.  This new game is called Huoxing (if you click the word "Huoxing", it'll take you directly to the link of the game).  Huoxing is a similar replica of Ameba Pico except it's a Chinese version, just like Ameba Pigg is a Japanese version.

    Even though I am Chinese, I can't read/write it, so I'm just as lost as any of you are if you want to try it.  It's really similar to Pico, and it just takes some clicking around to figure out how things work.  Huoxing has the same currency as Pico (Gummies, Tokens, and Gold).  To start off, they give you 5 tokens, which isn't really useful because there aren't many things in Huoxing that can be bought with a token.  Gummies are even harder to earn in Huoxing.  In Pico, you can earn from 5-10 Gummies for receiving/giving a ring, prop, or eating/sharing food.  In Huoxing, you only receive 1 Gummie when someone else rings/props you or when you eat food.  You don't receive any Gummies when you prop/ring someone else.  I haven't really found out yet, but I think the only way you can get Gold is by buying.  I haven't found a "earning" button yet.  Many of the furniture and clothing in Huoxing are Gummies (there are more items worth Gummies on Huoxing than on Pico) and Gold, but most prices are between 50-500.

    Although earning Gummies is hard and many things are quite expensive (but not as expensive as the insane Gummie prices on Pico), I have to say that Huoxing is much cuter than Pico.  I think Pigg is nicer than Huoxing though.

This is what the screen of Huoxing looks like.

There's an adorable Panda park.

You can go fishing.
The Totoro park is my favorite.
When you start, Huoxing gives you several furniture and flooring/wallpaper.
You even get your own garden.
    As adorable as the clothing and outfits in Huoxing are, I think my favorite part is the fact that you can interact with certain furniture.

Getting electrocuted when you click the refrigerator.

Using the toilet.

Sitting in the seat of the vanity allows you to change the face of your avatar. 

Lifting weights.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guys If you find hacks like this info us bc they coo'

Omg I been depressed like lately and what not. I went to New York City Dowtown in ameba pico so I can look around and use my tokens and then I saw this... AND LIKE WHO EVER MADE THIS I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY'RE FRICKEN AMAZING!

P.s. I am NOT !!! I repeat NOT! Talking to LOOFAH BECAUSE SHE HURT MY FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you guys think about things like this that you seen around pico every now and then? I think its cool and this cheered up my day like by alot :)! Thanks for making me smile - Kat

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hieroglyph's Message

    An Ameba Pico player sent me a message concerning the closing of Ameba Pico:

    I found the link through multiple copy and pastes, so to make it easier for you guys, here's the link:

    There are already two petitions created to protest the closing of Ameba Pico and What the link is saying is that there's a way to contact the creator of Ameba Pico directly.  Although it takes some time to actually contact him (there are many ways: from email, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Pigg, to Instagram, and many other social networking websites), there is also a language barrier.  The creator of Ameba Pico, Norishige Nagase, speaks Japanese, so people who don't speak Japanese may have some difficulties.  Fortunately, in the link (which is a blog post) a Pico player has translated several messages in English and Japanese that you can send to the creator.

    It would be great if you could sign those petitions, and even go through the trouble of contacting Norishige Nagase if you really want to save Ameba Pico.  Each individual signature for the petition and message to the creator combined with everyone else's makes a really big number.  Together, we may be able to keep Ameba Pico!  Try your best everyone<3

Monday, October 29, 2012

The End of Pico?

    I was on my Facebook when I saw PicoTalk post about Ameba Pico ending.

   I was really surprised when I saw this. I never imagined the day that Pico would be the one to leave us all, and not vice versa.  Since I already quit, it doesn't affect me as much, but it still upsets me that I spent so much time earning all my Ameba Gold and Gummies and then to just lose it all. I mentioned that I would go back on Ameba Pico every once in a while. It also upsets me that I don't get to even see my friends at all.  I can always still talk to some of them on Facebook, but it's just not the same.

    PicoTalk mentioned that Benry had created a petition to bring back Ameba Pico:

    To sign the petition, check out this link:

    I have a few of my own opinions and assumptions on this situation of CyberAgent closing down Ameba Pico.  In the information (first picture), the Pico Staff said that they were closing Ameba Pico because of "limited developer resources".  By that, I have a feeling that they meant they were low on money.  The way that online games earn money to be able to keep up their websites is by having the players pay for certain things.  The only way that Ameba Pico is making money is by us, the players, buying Ameba Gold.  Before I quit Pico, I realized that many prices were raising, whether it be Gummies or Ameba Gold.  CyberAgent was probably desperate for money, which is why they raised prices, in hopes of people buying Ameba Gold.  Many people would rather earn than buy, or do neither.  Because of this, CyberAgent doesn't have enough money to keep Ameba Pico going, so they have to shut it down.  I'm not sure if this is true, but it's just what I'm assuming.  Also, if this was the case, signing a petition wouldn't really do much honestly.  2,000 people are needed to sign the petition, but even if we do reach that goal, will that prevent CyberAgent from closing down Ameba Pico?  They still won't have enough money to keep up the game.

    I heard from my sister, who also plays Ameba Pico, that rumors were spreading around that this whole "Pico ending" is a prank.  Since Halloween is coming up, the Pico Staff decided to pull a "trick-or-treat" prank.  If that's true, that would be a pretty scary prank, but people would be grateful that Pico ending isn't true.  Regardless of whether it's true or not, if Pico is really ending, we should all be prepared for it.  We only have about two months left.  PicoTalk suggested that if you made some really close friends on Ameba Pico, that you should create Facebook accounts and add each other to keep in touch.  I've already exchanged phone numbers with some close friends of mine, and we talk on Facebook as well.  Of course, if you don't want to because of privacy reasons, that's fine too, but if you really want to continue talking to your friends, you can always try Facebook, or other online worldwide games and social networking websites.

    If Pico is really shutting down, I'll truly miss everyone for sure.  I've been playing Ameba Pico since 2010.  It would be a shame to lose everything I earned, both Gummies and Ameba Gold.  This is probably a reason why I never bought Ameba Gold, because spending money on a game that I wouldn't play for the rest of my life would be a waste (this is probably what most people thought also, which is another reason as to why CyberAgent isn't getting enough money).  I know I already quit, but I can't help but go on twice a month at least to just check things out.  This time, not only will I never be able to see my Pico again, but neither will anybody else.  It's really sad to say goodbye to Pico like this, especially for people who never thought about quitting, and those who just started the game.  Imagine the people who just joined Ameba Pico yesterday, and then suddenly today, they get the news that it's already closing down.  It's a shame really.

    As for this blog...The reason it was created was because I wanted to share information about Ameba Pico.  If it's closing down, there really isn't a need for this blog is there?  It would be sad to abandon the blog.  There isn't really anything else to write about, and who would read it then?

    Until the day that we figure out if Ameba Pico is really quitting or not, we'll just have to wait and see.